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Maritime Security

shipaImpact Security provides maritime security for both commercial shipping companies and private ship/yacht owners. As a recognised training centre we are able to train all of our Maritime Security Teams with the necessary qualifications such as Ship Security Officer (SSO), STCW-95 and Firearms Training. This ensures we provide fully qualified and capable teams whom have a thorough understanding of International Maritime Organisation (IMO) ISPS Code and its binding legal requirements for ports, shipping firms and individual vessels. In addition, Impact Security is fully compliant with the UK Home Office approved Standard Operating Procedures for the embarkation and disembarkation of security teams and their equipment around the world and fully understand the Rules for the Use of Armed Force. We have developed a unique range of services for our shipping clients and this starts with a thorough risk assessment looking at the level of risk associated with the context of the cargo and the shipping route environment. In compliance with BMP4, our Maritime Security Consultant will advise on hardening measures and protection installations. Whilst on board our Maritime Security Teams with the Master’s permission can conduct crew training, security threat rehearsals and can defend the vessel from a determined pirate attack.

For several years we have been involved in the training and implementation of maritime security contracts, and we have provided consultants to companies in Djibouti, South Africa and other companies that operate in hostile waters.

We have a full and complete database of qualified maritime security staff comprising mainly of ex British Army and Royal Navy personnel who are able to deploy at short notice throughout the world. Our Maritime Security Teams are fully supported from our headquarters in Colchester, Essex, United Kingdom although if required we can set up temporary offices anywhere in the world to provide dedicated support to any single contract. Our maritime consultants can make arrangements regarding firearms, munitions and liaison with foreign countries.

Impact Security is here to help mitigate maritime risk, please don't hesitate to call; +44 (0)871 2000 127.


Covert surveillance of all individuals from road sweepers to managing directors of large companies, are carried out daily by Impact Security surveillance team. The proprietor, using state-of-the-art electronic equipment combined with the use of vans, cars and motorbikes, personally carries out all forms of surveillance. For the past five years Impact Security have carried out covert surveillance operations for Health Authorities, British Rail, Metropolitan Police and London Transport as well as many lawyers, solicitors and insurance companies.

All surveillance photographs & videos are accompanied by a full daily report and are prepared to ensure that recorded evidence is admissible in a court of law. Impact Security have recently purchased the most up to date equipment in the field of “listening devices”, most conversations from either the office or home can be detected and monitored.

Rail Security

019Copper theft is a nationwide problem that is affecting our utility and transport services, such as the London Underground, the Eurostar, and the main UK rail links.

Impact Security has worked particularly closely with the Eurostar contractor, Carillion, to protect the line from London to the mouth of the Channel Tunnel. Our outstanding success led to Network Rail and major construction firm Bechtel employing our cable protection services on a multimillion pound contract in the Nuneaton and Warwickshire area.

The factors that made us stand out from our competitors were our management structure, and a workforce that mostly comprises of former British Army personnel. All staff working on the project had been hand-picked from Colchester’s ex-military personnel, and their training in surveillance and observation meant they were ideally suited to work alongside British Transport Police to prevent cable theft.

All Impact Security operatives were also trained and qualified in Scenes of Crime and Personal Track Safety. They carried handcuffs and were able to draw on Physical Intervention and First Aid training. Throughout the day they assumed an overt security role, alerting thieves to their presence, then at night they undertook covert security, so the criminals didn’t know where they were.

Impact Security is also working towards Community Safety Accreditation as we are the first point of call when there is a suspected trespass on a railway line. We arrive at the scene and then report to BTP if they are required to attend. We are able to help all transport and utility companies safeguard their valuable assets. Please get in touch to find out how else we can help you.

Car Park Management

park 1717912cImpact Security Services offer a full car park enforcement service to Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire.  We have full liability and employees' insurance cover and all staff are qualified in the Provisions of Enforcement and Conflict Management. These qualifications ensure that we offer a professional and legal service to our clients.

Impact Security have been contracted to Borough Councils since 1992 and we have over six hundred clients for which we provide Car Park Management and Security.

The contract which we have between Impact Security and the client ensures that Impact Security deal with any problems that may arise from our enforcement and the illegal parker has to contact us, not the client.

Impact Security Services offer you (totally free other than the set up costs) a management and security service which will hopefully keep the illegal parkers away. Once you have decided to use our service, we will visit your site at your convenience. We will confirm where you wish us to erect our signage and leave you with a contract which gives us your authority to act as your Bailiff. This enables us to deal with all illegal parkers that park on your property. By law we have to charge a small annual fee for the contract and the signage, but once the service is set up it is completely free. Whilst on site we will confirm the best service to offer you, either patrol or call out and confirm any special requirements that you may wish us to abide by.

Our patrol vehicle is on standby to react to your call, whilst on patrol checking all car parks for illegal parkers. When we find anyone parked in your space without your permission or not displaying a valid parking permit they will then be penalised. The Car Park Enforcement Officer will then issue a parking penalty notice. Once he has issued the parking penalty notice, he will then take four digital photographs for evidence. Documentation is fitted to the vehicle explaining that they must contact Impact Security for payment.

Some of our clients:

Colchester Borough Council, Blockbuster Video, BP, Boyden’s Estate Agents, Essex Health Authority, Clacton Pier, Essex County Newspapers, O2 Mobile, SGR Radio, SPD Savills, Colchester Magistrates Court, Kwik Fit, NCP Car Parks, Norwich Radio and Whybrows.

CCTV & Alarms

cctvImpact Security can provide installation and maintenance of a wide range of security systems, including CCTV, Access Control, Fire Alarms and Door Entry Systems Intercom.

We design systems to suit all requirements, from individual units to fully integrated package. By combining the latest technology with rigid attention to customer needs and finances, we provide the exact system that best suits your security requirements.

Naturally, our systems are designed, installed and maintained to the very highest standards.

Close Protection

slide3Specialist security was once a service employed solely by the rich. Not any more, close protection is now a necessity for many people involved in modern business.

Impact Security can deploy close protection teams anywhere in the UK within four hours or less. The people we have protected range from corporate officials and international dignitaries to visiting heads of state and foreign royal families. This includes Lord Denis Healey, Nigel Mansell, Michael Portillo and HRH The Princess Royal. Our operatives have also worked in TV security protecting various show presenters along with more high profile VIP's from the world of stage and screen. We can protect individuals who are travelling on foot or in a vehicle and we take pride in providing an excellent and bespoke service.

At Impact Security, we believe that only qualified professionals should take responsibility for protecting a person, their family, their business, their travel and their assets. We are proven specialists in close protection and our competence has been assessed by the relevant awarding bodies. We have a distinguished track record of success at the upper end of the executive protection field.

Our specialist security services can range from providing Close Protection Operatives (bodyguards) to assessors who are trained and experienced in risk/threat analysis. We can provide advanced security planning for situations in which venues, hotels or travel plans need to be studied and we offer residential security for our clients’ property. We also have a specialist information service that complements and supports our security services.

Please get in touch today to discuss your requirements. We are happy to tailor our close protection services to meet your exact needs.

Guard Dogs

020Our security patrol dog and handler teams prove a useful asset in more vulnerable or higher risk situations.  As well as providing excellent visual deterrents, our dogs are trained to indicate to the handler the presence of would be intruders.

Our dogs are able to pick up on intruders or hidden persons by scent, sight or sound. They will protect their handler by standing their ground and showing controlled aggression when confronted with threatening behaviour and are able to detain a suspect until the authorities arrive.

Our dog units are put through the British Institute courses and have regular training to make sure we provide the most up to date techniques in dog patrol security.

Manned Guarding

Efficiency is the “modus operandi” in our approach to static protection. We appreciate the cost constraints against which the modern day landlord operates.

Our objective is to provide a first class service whilst maintaining a pragmatic approach towards cost. Impact Security recognises the importance of the service charge impact upon the tenant. In offices, shopping centres and industrial estates we have optimised the cost of the infrastructure of organised property care.

All of our security staff are highly trained and totally professional in both appearance and completion of duties. We can provide both male and female operatives for all types of protection tasks, from the guarding of a building site to supplying store detectives.

At present we look after several prominent families in the South of England and are also responsible for all the security requirements of a national communications organisation. We also provide 24/7 security cover to the National Rail Infrastructure preventing copper cable theft.

Impact Security can also provide short or long term arrangements for static guarding services, providing 24/7 cover to building sites, bonded warehouses, haulage yards, factories, private functions, open air concerts and one off corporate events (guarding marquees etc.)  Impact Security also have a mobile dog unit on call at any time.

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